Little training video and a quick roof mission

I came up with an idea for a movement I hadn’t tried at this spot before and made a quick little video of me trying it, I didn’t quite nail it but it was a fun little challenge.

And here’s my first photos of 2015, taken on while we were chilling on top of the local market on Sunday evening after a training session, didn’t stay up there too long though because we quickly got cold.

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New Years Resolutions and setting goals

It’s been a while.

Also a bit of a late post on this topic. I’ve never done new years resolutions before, and I wasn’t expecting to do any this year but then I had the idea to try and do something productive everyday this year, kind of a vague resolution but the idea is that no day gets wasted. Some days are easier than others, like when I’m working or if I go out training I don’t have to worry about finding something to do, but so far I’ve managed to keep it going every day, even if it’s something small like practicing handstands or trying to learn how to juggle and it’s lead to me starting writing on this blog again, hopefully I’ll keep it going.

As an offset of this resolution I’ve set myself the goal to stretch everyday, I’ve got into stretching routines before but I never managed to keep them up for very long and the new year seemed like a good time to start a routine again and make it last. I’ve also started conditioning more often but I’ve got no routine for that, it’s just doing some exercises if I’ve not done any training that day.

To try and get more productivity out of training sessions I’m going to start setting goals, some of them will be goals to achieve by the end of the month, some of them will be things to try and get in one session, mostly gym sessions. I’ve not got any goals for this month since I’ve not really got any outdoor training done partly due to the weather partly due no one being free at the same time as me, but starting next month I’ll be posting my monthly goals and my progress towards them.