Lazy Sunday training

This past Sunday I woke up late and eventually managed to get the motivation to head out to this little spot not far from my house, ended up having a really good hour and half ish session with some nice progression.


Little training video and a quick roof mission

I came up with an idea for a movement I hadn’t tried at this spot before and made a quick little video of me trying it, I didn’t quite nail it but it was a fun little challenge.

And here’s my first photos of 2015, taken on while we were chilling on top of the local market on Sunday evening after a training session, didn’t stay up there too long though because we quickly got cold.

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A bunch of new videos

Been a while since I made a post about new videos, I’ve released two this week. One of my weekly training blogs and the other is a Winter video from my group Just Movement. I won’t link to all the videos I’ve uploaded since my last post because you can just go back through from the most recent one.

2014 week 9:

Lincoln vs Winter:

Subscribe to both channels if you aren’t already, we’ve got 3 videos in the works for Just Movement right now.

2014 week 1 – new video series

This is something I’ve had planned for a month or 2 now, I want to try and document my 2014 training with weekly videos, hopefully I can keep it up. New videos every Wednesday.

I’ll still be making proper videos with the bigger/more impressive movements that I do, these videos will just contain footage from my training.